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Design project

I am busy with a personal project. I am looking to do something creative. I have a lot of ideas but I need someone to materialise those ideas...Read Full Description

Design project

Editting university document...Read Full Description


Want to make a painting of a drawing...Read Full Description

Suggest a name for a photography studio

I need a name for a photography studio. We will specialise in documentary-style wedding photography, family portraits and videography. We work primarily outdoors in natural light. The name may or may not reflect that.You need to upload an image to enter the co...Read Full Description

E-commerce web site and mobike appsDesign project

E-commerce...Read Full Description

Fashion designer streetwear apperal

Fashion designer streetwear apperal. Need to also have connections with a factory that will do it...Read Full Description

($15) need an artist to draw my dream room from two angles in color

Looking for an amazing realistic artist to sketch my dream room from 2 angles. I already have the room design, ill send it to you to draw. The pay is only $15 because its pretty easy and its all i have right now...Read Full Description

($15 project) Need a realistic ILLUSTRATOR

Looking for an illistrator to drawn my dream room. I want two different drawings from two different angles. I will give you links to the products im gonna have and you can look at the products online and draw them realistically in my dream room drawing. I have...Read Full Description

Design project

Interior design...Read Full Description

brochure design

brochure design for food products...Read Full Description

Design project

I created 2 images on my computer to be drawn. On 11x14 sketch paper Using pencil and On 14x14 using charcoal...Read Full Description

Rebranding WAM -- 4 - 01/01/2018 19:10 EST

WAM is searching for a freelancer that can rebrand a number of established brands and a new offering. All brands should have a cohesion and common feel4 brands in total. 1)Awake Dating2)WAM TV3)Wide Awake Media Ltd - WAM4)Awake SocialShow that you understand w...Read Full Description

Design project

I am looking for an illustrator for a children’s book! Includes a dragon, fox, snake, frog and owl...Read Full Description

Concepts for a Brand Refresh

My client is an established local brand and we would like concepts for a brand refresh. I'm looking to take on 2 suppliers who can give me a few options each so i can put them to the client. Each selected supplier will be paid as below. And the version th...Read Full Description

social media post

need social media post and idea...Read Full Description

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