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After sign up new period begins. Many freelancers say that there is a very big competition. Search for articles for more information, I wrote some tips for newbies. Yes, to win a first project is quite hard, but a very possible thing. Everything depends on how you behave yourself.

Several years ago, just when I started freelancing, it took around 2 months to win my first project. But I was complete newbie! Later I joined another freelance site, and it took less than one week to get a first project! It`s absolutely possible to win so much projects, that they will keep you working full day. So don`t overload yourself.

Hire freelancer from all over the world. United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Indonesia, India, Romania - those are just several countries listed we work with. Outsourcing is still a highly demanded business. Find contracted work browsing jobs section. Use freelancing as full time job, or part time - you decide. Even if you do not have special skills, you can work on data entry or similar works.
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