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An Opengl Implementation Of Fibonacci Heap Using C And Opengl Glut Library

A pictorial representation of different operations on fibonacci heaps should be demonstrated using opengl glut and c language.The should be able to pass values and those values are then implemented on the program and the heap should be built on those values.
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Arduino Keypad Controlled Lock And Other Devices With Lcd 3 Passwords Needed

The components include keypad (3x4), arduino uno, LCD, led strip (WS2812B), 2 servomotors, and UV led. The project is based on the concept of escape room. In first stage, player have to inserted the first password, in order to move on to the second stage.When first password is correct, led strip (2nd stage) will be activated. Player have to figure out the second password and inserted it again using keypad. Once again, if the second password is correct, first servomotor…
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Arduino Programming And Connections

Hello, I am doing a projectbased on arduino. I need some one to help me with the programming and connections. I will explain all the details in chat. But here is a brief about what i need.I have a Keypad(4X4), Stepper motor (NEMA 23), TB6600 Driver, LCD(16X2), Arduino MEGA, Encoder for stepper motor. I need connection of these. The program should be in such a way that when i enter speed or rpm the motor should move at that particular…
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C Program For Assignment Problem With On3 Complexity

Looking for a candidate with strong c/c++ skills.We want a simple c program to solve assignment problem for m X m matrix using Hungarian algorithm. The complexity of the program must not exceed n3. Program cannot use recursion, as we need to generate circuits out of it.For the right candidate this work should not take more than 10 days.If the program is satisfactory, candidate may get more work on the same project.
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C Programming For A Sensor Working In Console Mode

I have sensor which has reference code in C. It is to work in console mode and will communication via serial port. While compling it gives reference errors. I need a programmer who can debug and make the code work. Full documentation to code is available.I need person based in Kolkata and who will be able to explain all the functions and what it is doing. Total 6 source files are there and 6 header files. Total line of code…
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Design And Develop A Web Page Using JavaScript/typescript

Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, or related field.•Ability to self-learn and use the Internet, books, and documentation to understandand work with a new programming system.•Patience and abilityto read,understand, and modify code written by someone else.•Strong knowledge of basic programming skills, structures, algorithms, OOP.•Work with other developers and project managers to enhance and improve the existing web application.•Provenknowledge of.NET andC#.•Experience building apps using Javascript and Angular•Handle continued testing, maintenance, and updates throughout the lifecycle of the web…
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Firmware Writing For Smart Device - Sonoff

hi.i need a software engineer that has experience in writing firmware for some smart hardware of the devices that we need to rewrite the firmware is as per link below. me know if you have relevant skills before i explain the details
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I Am Looking For A Freelancer To Engage With My Website On Life Coaching

Hi, Looking for a hardworking professional to work on my website. The website deals with NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and life coaching ( The work would include social media marketing (linkedin, instagram, twitter, facebook), email marketing, generating leads and clients to follow. Along with that, I would also be glad if I could get assistance on creating videos, editing & posting, running ads on social media and the like.Only local freelances would be considered.
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Iam Looking For A Expert In Bet Placing Programming.

I need a system that reply every bets from an bookmaker account (like a master account) and the system reply all the bets with the same odds and values stackes to others accounts. This systems have to work in different computers, at least 10.All the system have to bee delivery and run without depencies like using servers from thirt parts.
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Instagram GROWTH & LIKE SERVICE For Organic Growth - NO SCAMMERS!

HI INSTAGRAM COMMUNITYI am looking for a programmer SCAM, who has experience with Instagram GROWTH SERVICE and automation. Im thinking about a bot ( NO SCAM - NOFOLLOW /UNFOLLOW).I need to GET MORE (organic) followers. Maybe a bot is the key, the goal here is to simply automate an Instagram account to get daily new real followers, more views stories etc. Looking for freelancers, small private IG account needs organic growth ! German account. I am looking for small-budget…
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Integrate A C Third Party Library To Be Used As A Shared PHP Extension

I need to use a third party library written in C from PHP, preferably as a shared extension.C library I'm referring to is Tulip Indicators:Documentation: method in the library has the same exact signature.Target PHP version: >= 7.2.0What I have achieved so farI tried doing it by using SWIG 3.0 ( compiling and linking the library I had to include -fPIC flag to eachstep, I will indicate the involved steps here for reference:Add -fPIC as the first CCFLAGS in the…
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Looking For Laravel Tutor

I have no background with laravel and php. I have background with programming languages C, C#, and C++. I also have knowledge with MS SQL and MySql. I have experience on embedded and desktop development.I need to develop a web app/form (im really not sure that is why i need a tutor) to upload sheets to server. Please apply and put your rate on your message. I want to learn web programming in 1 week or 7 days for 3…
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MATLAB And C Development Support

Primary responsibility will be to support implementation of MATLAB and C/C++ environment for calling external C/C++ functions. Includes setup of Visual Studio environment with OpenCV. Additional tasks will involve image processing and some artificial intelligence development.
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Need Content Writers To Edit/help On A Life Coaching Blog

Hi, Looking for a hardworking professional to work on my website onNLP (neuro linguistic programming) and life coaching ( main pointers are as follows:1) content per post can be varied: it can be a quote from Google, it can be a caption of 2-3 lines, it can be a bigger caption some days of 7-8 lines and other days, it can be simply editing/working on the blog.2) I write all of the content on my blog myself: you can check…
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Need To Develop Own Version Of An Arcade Game Classic: Missile Command In C : Deadline 14th May

Project Overview:Computer games areexcellent way to practice computational and algorithmic thinking, and stretch your programming ability, especially in C in thiscase. The aim of thisproject is to recreate your version of an arcade game classic:missile command!If you are unfamiliar with the game,you can playa version of it here: task is to implement a working singleplayer version of a game based on Missile Command.A fully featured implementation of the game is a lot to ask in the timeavailable, so the…
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