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An Opengl Implementation Of Fibonacci Heap Using C And Opengl Glut Library

A pictorial representation of different operations on fibonacci heaps should be demonstrated using opengl glut and c language.The should be able to pass values and those values are then implemented on the program and the heap should be built on those values.
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Arduino C Programming Self Watering System

I only require the code for the arduino, as I have all the sensors and parts and can wire it and connect it.The LED display is 4 digit, 7 segment (3461BS)The Light Sensor is an iDuino LDRThe Temperature/Humidity Sensor is a DHT22I am using an Arduino Mega 2560I have a 6-12V DC submersible pump (I am using a 5V single channel relay to limit current)Must be stand-alone, all in one enclosed and neat, portable, no connection to a computer, no…
Full Description of Arduino C Programming Self Watering System

Arduino Keypad Controlled Lock And Other Devices With Lcd 3 Passwords Needed

The components include keypad (3x4), arduino uno, LCD, led strip (WS2812B), 2 servomotors, and UV led. The project is based on the concept of escape room. In first stage, player have to inserted the first password, in order to move on to the second stage.When first password is correct, led strip (2nd stage) will be activated. Player have to figure out the second password and inserted it again using keypad. Once again, if the second password is correct, first servomotor…
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Arduino Programming And Connections

Hello, I am doing a projectbased on arduino. I need some one to help me with the programming and connections. I will explain all the details in chat. But here is a brief about what i need.I have a Keypad(4X4), Stepper motor (NEMA 23), TB6600 Driver, LCD(16X2), Arduino MEGA, Encoder for stepper motor. I need connection of these. The program should be in such a way that when i enter speed or rpm the motor should move at that particular…
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Bitcoin Mining Tweaks

I have an idea for mining Bitcoin "smarter" and i need some help in code development and/or mining setup and understanding.To give you a brief description of the idea without getting into details at this stage:I will be mining solo using multiple ASIC miners and potentially some Cloud mining using GPU (i understand that solo mining is not profitable even with ASIC miners) but i have an idea to mine smarter. i know its a very low probability to work…
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C Program For Assignment Problem With On3 Complexity

Looking for a candidate with strong c/c++ skills.We want a simple c program to solve assignment problem for m X m matrix using Hungarian algorithm. The complexity of the program must not exceed n3. Program cannot use recursion, as we need to generate circuits out of it.For the right candidate this work should not take more than 10 days.If the program is satisfactory, candidate may get more work on the same project.
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C Programming For A Sensor Working In Console Mode

I have sensor which has reference code in C. It is to work in console mode and will communication via serial port. While compling it gives reference errors. I need a programmer who can debug and make the code work. Full documentation to code is available.I need person based in Kolkata and who will be able to explain all the functions and what it is doing. Total 6 source files are there and 6 header files. Total line of code…
Full Description of C programming for a sensor working in Console mode

Data Extraction, Coding Data Processing In C Using FFT And Wavelet

Our Signal: Combination of two frequencies- measuring signal and interference signal (noise)Measuring signal: 10-400Hz variable in steps of 1Hz and is independent of lineInterference signal: Line frequency (50Hz). The signal strength is not constantRequirement: Separation/suppress the interference signal from the combined signal using FFT &Wavelet methods. The coding should be using C or Python and the solution should be applicable forall therange of measuring frequencies mentioned aboveData attached: Samples of 47Hz as measuring signal with 50Hz interference at three interference…
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Deadlock Avoidance With EDF Plus SJF-Tie-Breaker Scheduling And EDZL Plus LJF-Tie-Breaker Scheduling

In this assignment, you will implement a deadlock avoidance algorithm as part of the Process Manager to avoid deadlocks in a Unix/Linux system. Part of the assignment requires the manipulationof Unix/Linux processes and part of it consists of simulation.Both the deadlock-handling process and the processes requesting resources are real Unix/Linuxprocesses created using fork(). However, you do not need to actually allocate any resource. Themain process executes the Banker’s algorithm. The resource-requesting processes are requiredto make requests by communicating with the…
Full Description of Deadlock Avoidance with EDF plus SJF-Tie-Breaker Scheduling and EDZL plus…

Design And Develop A Web Page Using JavaScript/typescript

Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, or related field.•Ability to self-learn and use the Internet, books, and documentation to understandand work with a new programming system.•Patience and abilityto read,understand, and modify code written by someone else.•Strong knowledge of basic programming skills, structures, algorithms, OOP.•Work with other developers and project managers to enhance and improve the existing web application.•Provenknowledge of.NET andC#.•Experience building apps using Javascript and Angular•Handle continued testing, maintenance, and updates throughout the lifecycle of the web…
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Design, Develop And Test Software Related To A Task Allocation Problem In Which A Parallel Program

This project requires c# to develop a program which will validate and test text input data files. There are two formats available for the files.1. Task allocations file (.tan)2. Configuration file format (.csv)The program should check for the validity of the files based on the parameters provided and it should also take out several unit tests based on the data included in these files.The program should take out different unit tests, which include: -Computing the run-time of a task allocated…
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DLMS-Modbus Converter Arduino Based

1. Hardware: Arduino + Ethernet Shield2. two serial ports to communicate with DLMS meters3. Ethernet port for Modbus communication (address map will be provided)4. Simple web server for settings
Full Description of DLMS-Modbus Converter Arduino based

Drone Engineers, Operators And Drone Pilot

Building real- time embedded hardware & software for Unmanned Drone Systems.Excellent Coder (C/ C++/JAVA/Python).Familiarity with 8051/ AVR/ ARM/ Micro Controllers, RTOS, MEMS Sensors.Experience in programming hardware interfaces such as USB, I2C, UART, SPI, CAN.Experience in data filtering techniques.Experience in Flight Controller Board Designing.Experience in Circuit Designin
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Embedded Linux Programming Of Real-time System, Linux , C++

Programming of Real-Time Systems , linux , C++ ", you are asked to realizeservocontrol in position of a rotating machine with direct current. For this purpose, the equipmentyour disposition is as follows:- EMG30: DC brushless motor, with 2 Hall effect rotor position sensors, and reducerintegrated mechanics- EMG30 control / command board: bidirectional DC motor control, conditioningHall effect sensors, galvanic isolation between control and power- Raspberry Pi 3- PIC16F84A microcontroller- Additional electronic components required: passive components, active components forlogic level matching,…
Full Description of Embedded linux programming of real-time system, linux , C++

Firmware Writing For Smart Device - Sonoff

hi.i need a software engineer that has experience in writing firmware for some smart hardware of the devices that we need to rewrite the firmware is as per link below. me know if you have relevant skills before i explain the details
Full Description of Firmware writing for Smart device - Sonoff



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