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Integration Of Star Bluetooth Printer Into A ZOHO Creator App

General concept: I have a ZOHO Creator app that runs on an iPhone and iPad. I want the iOS user to be able to print a simple receipt via a single button click. The receipt will just have text on it (no barcodes, graphics, pics, etc). The receipt will print on a Star bluetooth-connected printer.Details: I need the following ZOHO Creator code created.1. I do not know how the ZOHO app running on iOS will know that the bluetooth printer…
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IOS App With Bluetooth

App should accept bluetooth signals from Giiker Cube ( able to realistic render and put it ti photo gallery.And also able to put photo to a webserver.
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IOT Project - GSM/GPS/Bluetooth, Sensors

We are looking for an experience Embedded engineer with good command over Hardware/Firmware design, programming and testing. Project involves developing an IOT device using GSM/GPS/BT, Gyro Sensor, and some other devices .We also require an Android App to be developed as part of this project, so if you can do both it will be preferred.
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Looking For A Graphic Designer For Creating Product Listing Page For Listing

We are a distributor of electronics products and now going to sell the personal audio products like wireless bluetooth devices - neckband, EarPods, etc on amazon and Flipkart.We are looking for a graphic designer to work for a weekend project to begin with to create some listing images. All the 3D rendered images are ready.Some of the reference of the images : contact if you believe you have necessary skills.
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Need A Native IOS App Of Recorder.

Application Type: NativeSome Similar Apps/Websites: Audio RecorderUnlimitedRecording CallInterruption handlingContinuerecording into existing recordingsAutoPause and auto resume recordingSet Input gainfor increase and decrease microphone gain.Support recoding via Bluetooth#Recording Formats & QualityDifferent recording formats: AIFF,WAV,CAF, M4A.Different Quality - Low(Smallest Size),Medium(Best for voice), High(CD Quality), Max(High Definition Quality).Different Bit Depth - 16 Bit, 24 Bit,32 Bit.#Audio Input and Output Device SupportSupport for different I/O devices. Likebluetooth, headphones, external mic, speakers, etcTested with Tascam iM2.You can switch between the connecteddevices.#AutoStop Recording Interval RecordingRecording will…
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Need Help To Build A BLE Distance Detector Functionality On A React Native App

Skills Required: React-native, experience with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Objective: We want to have a PoC to evaluate how accurate we can be today in measuring the rough distance between a mobile app and laptop or peripheral BLE devices. As a starting point, there’s already a bare minimum react native app with 2 screens: home and settings. There’s really nothing much there other than some UI components and simple react navigation. Requirements: There’s only one relevant screen for this task:…
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Need To Develop A Electro Mechanical System To Control An Actuator To Open And Close A Box Body.

The system to have the capability of receiving input from remote server through gprs, ability for bluetooth connectivity, manual input actuation from user, gps ability for location , size limitations
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Need To Recieve Data From Bluetooth Module HC05 Of Arduino To My Xamarin Forms Application

Need to recieve data of 30 bytes from arduino uno bluetooth module to my xamarin forms application to compute it. Just need the connectivity establishment and data recieving part to be done to recieve the packet from the arduino uno via bluetooth.
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Project Hardware With Bluetooth Like A Beacon - BLE

I need a hardware project with bluetooth 4.0, which sends signals with mac address from time to time.It looks like a beacon (BLE), but it is not a beacon. I just need the feature to send the signal.This time must be configurable.This hardware should work with small batteries and have low power consumption.I would like a battery as CR2032 to pay for 90 days issuing this signal.This hardware must have an external antenna to increase the sending distance of the…
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Voice Over For Video

This is the script ...Modern and refined luxury massage chair, incorporating the latest cutting-edge massage technology designed for users seeking a therapeutic experience.AI-equipped full body massage chair with 7 techniques designed to relieve stress and pressure from every knot in your body. Featuring built-in thermal mechanism that specifically targets your back, calves, and feet, simulating a soothing and warm heat therapy.Equipped with enhanced feet rollers for a deep tissue massage.Replicating the hands of a masseuse with rhythmic pulses to promote…
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