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Dataset Augmentation Using Generative Adversarial Networks

This project would require the implementation of one or multiple models of Generative Adversarial Models to augment existing datasets. It may not require developing a GAN from scratch - but retraining them, or introducing slight modifications may be required.
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Generative Adversarial Networks

Looking for someone to help me implement basic generative adversarial networks - mostly implementing models available on github / re-training them / slight modifications to them.
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I Need A Helper For Understanding Tensorflow/pytorch Deep Learning Codes

Hi,I am looking for a mentor for deep learning codes in tensorflow/pytorch. We would be applying them to face datasets such as Celeb etc.Meetings will take place over s kype/ hangouts / truelancer call. We will work together to read literature and implement models. The coding will be in python and tensorflow/pytorchRate is INR 200/hour. please apply after having read the description and let me know what times we can meet regularly.
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I Need Help In Preparing For My Computer Vision Interview

I need to revise some papers in computer vision I read long back . These are in the domains of Recognition, Detection and Segmentation.The freelancer will need to discuss these papers or their related blogs with me over skype/hangouts call. Please mention your mail as this is an urgent requirement, and I'd like to get in touch at the earliest.Some of the papers are:Detection:yolo , yolov2, yolov3rcnn, faster rcnn, mask rcnnRecognition:Resnet and any newer develpments that are importantSegmentation:recent important works.If…
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Machine Learning To Extract Invoice Data From Pictures Of Invoices

An application using OCR and Machine Learning needs to be built which will capture invoice , receipts, bills data from clicked photo images in various formats which include png, bmp, jpeg , pdf and other open image formats.sample Images shared on drive : OCR and Machine Learning Features1. Extract data from the clicked pictures and extract data from them.2. Data must include meta data and line level items.3. Create a neutral format comma separated master file for every company for…
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Need Services A Deep Learning + Computer Vision Coder For A Day.

hi,I work for a consultancy. We need to provide urgent support to a client for a task that shall be told to us on sunday only a few hours before.I need the services of a deep learning + computer vision engineer for a day to assist meduring this .Should know pytorch, tensorflow , and should have coded, trained models for computer vision classification/detection/segmentation.Upon completion, may be considered for future projects
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Object Detection And Tracking Motion In Live Video With An Android App

The main objectif of the android app is to detect objects in a live video (with smartphone camera), to track movement of these objects, compute timings. Each Videos take about 30 seconds and camera is 48MPX at 1080p with 30/60 ips.I need consultant expert with:- Object detection- Motion detection- Image processing- CNN- AI- Opencv- Keras- Java
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