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(This project should only take about 30minutes)I aminterested in starting a new business on
At present, I currentlyalready operate a storefront on the amazon marketplace called Warm Welcome.
This storefront has around 70 products all of which are sold through Amazon FBAand are currently making me some decent money.
For each of these products, Ihave invested in a lot of inventory (over $30,000).
Because this account isalready successful and I would like to keep earning a profit on my inventoryinvestment for that account, I do not want to take any actions that couldpotentially get that account banned from Amazon, which is not uncommon.
Thus, I would like to start a secondbusiness, with your assistance, on with a different business modelof dropshipping over 900 posters.
Your role in the business will be accountmanager (handling orders, customer service, handling returns, confirmingshipping, etc.).
Your duties are relatively straightforward and I will give youtraining to make sure you can run the account smoothly.
As account manager, Iwill pay you an hourly rate of $10/hour.
Amazon restricts individuals from owningmore than 1 amazon account.
As a result of this restriction, I cannot create anamazon account with my personal details.
Therefore, we will need you to set upthis business under your name and information.
You will need to create an amazon accountwith your personal details (name, address, ID Documents, bank account, creditcard).
You will just need it to create ouramazon account because I am unable to make another account.
I will pay you $100 after you havesuccessfully created a verified amazon account.
The following instructions willguide you in creating our Amazon account:1.
Create new Gmail account (2 minutes) a.go to create account (for myself) c.
First name: your first name d.
Last name: your last name please think of a new email name and enter it f.password: [emailprotected] phone number h.recovery email address: i.any birthdate and any gender2.
Create amazon seller account (20minutes) a.
Go to and click register now.
Click start selling.
Click create your amazon account. b.
Create Account i.
Your name ii.
Email – emailcreated in step 1 iii.
Password:[emailprotected] c.
SellerAgreement i.
Legal name –your name d.
Sellerinformation i.
Your addressinformation ii.
BusinessDisplay Name: Your First Name.
Your Last Name 11 iii.
Phone number– use YOUR phone number e.
Credit cardinformation i.
Enter yourcredit card information. f.
Tax information i.
Are you a USperson? NO (I am assuming you are not.
Let me know if you are) ii.
Type ofbeneficial owner – Individual iii.
Your countryof citizenship and full name iv.
Your permanentaddress and mailing address v.
Answer the USperson test questions truthfully.
I am assuming you will not check any of theboxes. vi.
Fill outW-8BEN form. vii.
Consent toelectronic signature and check all boxes.viii.
Signature ofbeneficial owner – type your name ix.
E-mail address– email created in step 1 x.
Capacity –director g.
Productinformation – skip questions3.
Create Payoneer account (8 minutes) a.
Click register.
Answers: online seller, get paid by ecommerce marketplaces,less than $10,000 b.
Getting started(individual) i.
Your first name ii.
Your last name iii.
Email: email createdin step 1 iv.
Your date ofbirth c.
Contact Details i.
Your country ii.
Your address iii.
Phone mobile –Your phone number d.
SecurityDetails i.
Password:[emailprotected] ii.
SecurityQuestion: any iii.
SecurityAnswer: [emailprotected] iv.
Your issuing country v.
Your Id Type vi.
Your ID Number e.
Almost done i.
All your bankinformation
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