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A Web Designer With A Passion For Sports

I have a very interesting project for a website designed and developer that is interested in sports, more specifically sports betting.I have worked for 10+ years in digital marketing and have been the operations manager of a UK Bookmaker worth over $50 Million. Now, I am looking to start my own website that is based on affiliate marketing for people that enjoy sports betting.I want the website to be very user-friendly, clean and as minimal as possible. I have some…
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Advertising - Affiliate Marketing

Advertising Firm - Offers publishers to join the team to run ads. The publisher experience is not important, the traffic quality is important and will be measured. Full optimization is required at all time.
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Affiliate Marketing Coach

I have been selling on Amazon FBA for a little over a year and saw a great opportunity in affiliate marketing and am looking for some guidance. I believe that I have a good start with my affiliate journey, i.e. click funnels, adweber, and multiple other sites/campaigns set up. But can tell to make this a success I’m going to need some guidance. I would like to get into the health/ fitness niche, the online entrepreneur niche, or ideally both…
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Affiliate Marketing Expert For Instagram Account Indonesian Language

Looking for anaffiliate marketing expert fluent in Indonesian,for Instagram account with indonesian audience (>160k followers). It would be an ongoing project, paid by comission (10% of income).The tasks will be:1. Find products in affiliate marketplaces2. Create attractive content in posts to maximize leads3. Manage affiliate links strategy2. Find and use shoutouts
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Affiliate Marketing For Truelancer : Bring Agencies To Signup

Hi Truelancer,I bring you the opportunity to get started on Truelancer and get 5-star reviews and earn money online.What you have to do?1. I will share a list of Agencies(companies who do freelancing)2. You will have to find the Agencies details & email them to signup and create a profile on Truelancer.3. For Every Signup & Profile Creation, you will earn 50 Rs.Terms: 1. I will give you a trackable signup link which you have to email to Agencies.2. Followup…
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Affiliate Marketing Of Real-time Stock Analysis Tool

I have written a proprietary code for Amibroker (Stock Analysis Tool) which will guide the end customer and provide real-time alerts for entering and exiting the stocks.Product is fully functional and is licensed controlledWorks on Windows PlatformI have an affiliate code which I shall provide and based on it any new referral created would credit the money to the marketing individuals for their efforts.Payment will be based on the number of units of the product sold
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Amazone Affiliate Sites

I need a content writer for my Amazon affiliate sites. They have to write mainly two types of articles 1. Buyers guide (min. 1500-3000 words) 2. Detail Product review (10-15 products) 2000-4000 words
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Business Development / Operations Manager

I have built a successful software company that automates, optimizes, and scales social media marketing platforms. We currently have 30 active companies leasing our software and I have just expanded my new users by almost 15 so about a 50% increase. I am the co-founder who originally created this software for myself but have since then started leasing it to other marketing teams. We focus specifically on the affiliate advertising niche right now. I am looking for someone to step…
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Connecting Absence To My Site And Affiliate Links To Generate Income

Connecting Absence to my site and affiliate links to generate income.I have an online agency and we are doing some marketing campaigns to boost traffic and would like to maximizewebsite:
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Content For Product Affiliate Marketing Website

Hi there, I am starting a brand new blog focussed on affiliate marketing of e-commerce products. This website will include posts like informational or response posts about 800-1000 words, product review post - more than 1000 words and posts like "best washing machines in India" - around 5000 words. The posts should use conversational tone, should not be copy-pasted from other blogs and will require some research based on user's review for creating recommendations and pros and cons of the…
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Digital Marketer - Expert In Affiliate Marketing & SEO Optimization

Have a WordPress site that is now picking up steam. you'd need to fix up affiliate marketing on the platform. Someone with know how and expertise to convince me which marketing way is the way to go an why.SEO expertise also required. The requirements are specific as I intend to keep working with the person long-term.
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Digital Marketing Expert

We are looking digital marketing expert who have rich experience inAffiliate Marketing expert, Google ads Expert Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google. (specialization Affiliate marketing )
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I Need A Content Writer For My Fitness Blog

We will provide a list of keywords. The Content writer will have to write 1 post for every keyword. Our focus is on affiliate marketing so the writer should write the content accordingly. Our blog will contain around 500 posts. Please specify per post/ per word/ complete charges specifically.
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I Need A Person Who Can Sell Online Affiliate Products

I need a person who can sell online affiliate products education books you should have followers to sell this book. I need a one who can sell 20 books. Url
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I Need An Affiliate Marketing Expert

I need an affiliate marketing expert for my online business. Affiliate marketing implementation will be done online basis.Check the 2 websites - the websites & send me proper proposal. Don't send me your long profile, only relevant work profile is needed.
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