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3D Diamond Ring Rendering In High Resolution

I have referenceimage of diamond ring which need to be re-created using different diamond ring.The image is of the ring is divided into two halves. One side it shows real ring and other half shows CAD ring.The actual composition to be in 10ftx10ft size and printable format.
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A Designer To Create Templates For Plastic Cards

For this project, we need designers to make templates for a card design program. The specifications of this design is linked below, please read these specifications before starting. Along with the specifications, we have linked a table which shows the types of templates we are looking for, along with an example of what to submit.We will pay $2-3 per card, and are looking for around 50 cards
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Create An Engaging Movie Using Photoshop

hii have an amazing spiritual project that iam having narrated. its 13800 words long and i would like to create a visual reinforcement video to support the narration. i have over 400 images already that i would like to work with to create something unique. so if you are up for a creative challenge thenplease please get back to me if interested.UK applicants only.
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Creative Video Editor

Namaste,We are a newly established company, in search for someone with a creative flair for editing product advertisement videos.We should let you know before hand that our concepts might seem a little different in the current context of our local market, but as long as it conveys the necessary message and leads to conversion we consider it a job well-done.There is no boundary for age or educational qualification.All we ask is for someone who possesses the necessary technical skills in…
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Design Restaurant Menu

i have a restaurant need to redesign my menu card ... this job only open to malaysians ..sorry bout this ...because i have to be able to sit with is in Petaling Jaya
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Editing Picture, Or Any Ducuments

I starting working in photoshop year 2008 now so on 2019 editing adobe photoshop, Or edit any ducuments or ID you want to correction.
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I Have 1500 Product Images For My E-commerce Site. I Want Someone To Remove The Background.

I have 1500 product images for my e-commerce site. I want someone to remove the background of the images using pen tool in Photoshop. Make sure you don't break the edges. Text me time required to edit 1500 images. I have attached a sample. Make sure you don't rename the file names and change the sizes.
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I Need A Banner For My IT Firm

Banner should contain my firm's logo, gstin, website, contact, email, a short description, and icons of the technologies we deal in.The banner should not pixelate as the size to be printed in will be 3ft x 12 ft.
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I Need A Chalkboard Created

It is my relatives 80th birthday and i would like a chalk board created. A chalk board is similar to a flyer but we will print it on an A1 page. We will attach a sample chalkboard, and we will supply all the wording. It needs to look funky and artistic
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I Need A Diagram Done In 3 D For A Book Cover

I need a diagram done in 3 D for a book cover. I attach the diagram that needs to be redone and a separate file with all supporting images that may be used by the designed,if desired.
Full Description of I need a diagram done in 3 D for a…

I Need A Video Editor For Animatix

I need a video editor and maker for 3-5 min have to make the video with some digital painting and some sonds..that should you can record in your voice or can use the sounds from internet.but you have to to record expression sounds by your own sad happy ect or anything like that..i will give you some examples for making this have to make that video in premier pro.And i need that also as premier pro file..i…
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I Need A Video Editor, Photo Editor And Graphic Designer

I need a Video editor who is good in travel blog editing, i need someone with key eye on editing considering the social media growth metrics.i have rough cuts and need someone to edit the content as well as graphics and coloring balance of my videos.
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I Need Professionally Edited Photos For An Online Furniture Store

I need some furniture photos edited. Please see attached examples of what I want them to look like. I have also attached one of my pictures so you can see. I would like them to have awhite studiolooking professional background (possibly withartificial to make it look more professional).I have11 photos in total.I have a tight deadline. I need thepictures edited by tomorrow morning South African time.
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I Need Some Images Manipulated To Correct Clean Up The Background And A Quick Edit Too.

In photoshop, I want the image files (PSD) edited in the same way as the sample video provided. A subject mask, to smart sharpen the subject, and to blur the background.Tidy up around the selection so that the background and subject look blended.Any quick retouching needed to faces.Crop to a 5x7 ratio.128 images.
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I Need To Develop Templates For Photoshop.

We are Organizer for Esports, we wan to develop[ an a templates for Photoshop. Basically we organize a tournament for online games like PUBG, CS-GO & Fortnite, and we are getting lots of teams to register but as per our web themes we are showing team photo with our company logo tshirts, I just need an templates of Photoshop where i can just fit my t shirts to ready made character. character will same and tshirts I will make in…
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