Add New Feature Into Existing Android Mobile App

Hello,Please READ carefully requirement and then submit your bid if you are able to work on following terms:Budget: Maximum Rs. 20000.00 (Please don't bid if you are looking higher then this)Days : 15-201.
Payment gateways. (Already added, needs to integrate with plans.)2.
Partners can post Tournament information, notificationwill send to all, other users/teams can accept or chat directly.
Tournament Process:Only Partners can post Tournament:We are organizing TournamentCompetition not player or team to team and Tournament Playeror Team to teamEvent NameGame NameDate : From Date: ToTime :DescriptionVisibility AreaPartner can upload tournament relatedimages/pictures/pamphlets/banners.
Players will send acceptance by selecting team name to takeparticipation in tournament.
Partner will select teams as per their requirement.
Partner will make game schedule by selection two teams withdate and time.
Partner can make multiple game schedule for one tournament byselecting two team.
Partner can make schedule for one team as many times theywants.
Start and Complete by Partner, both teams will have onlyvisible screen with timer.
Partner will declare results by selecting winner team, Tie,Match Draw/NR..
Winner- 5 points, Runner up- 4 points, Tie – 3 each, Draw –N/R, players will get congratulation screens accordingly with notification.3.
Scoring module like cricheroes like
Wallet:Credit Points on each referral must add to wallet.
User can add credit points, redeem, withdraw, transactionhistory.
If any referred user pay for any services user who referredwill get 3% as referral bonus. 3% of amount will be to “Donation Funds”.
TotalDonation amount will be visible for all users.
On new signup 100 credits points will be given as joining bonus.
User A referred User XUser B Referred User YUser X challenged User Y on 100 credit points.
Both Player will deposit 100 credit points each.
User A will get 2 credit points as referral bonus.
User B will get 2 credit points as referral bonus.
Winner will get 175 credit points by charging 25 credit points (minimum or 12.50% of total deposited amount i.e. 200 credit points)Distribution of 25 credit points:Referral bonus to User A : 2 credit points (2% of challenge amount)Referral bonus to User B : 2 credit points (2% of challenge amount)Donation Fund : 2 credit points (1% of total challenge amount)Net Income : 25 – (2+2+2) = 19 Credit PointsUser must use Scoring Module for match result.
If match tie then both player will get 50% each of 175 credit points.
Challenge credit points will not be refundable if match scheduled.
Minimum withdraw amount is 500 credit points.
On uploading or adding/buying credit points, no amount for donation and referral bonus will be given.
Referral and donation will be calculate once user pay for any services.5.
Challenge and Win : Players and Partners can challengeanother team on desired credits points and winner will get 50% credit points.
Example : One user challenge on 500 credit points thenanother user can accept challenge by depositing/redeem 500 credit points.
Bothuser will deposit same number of credit points.6.
Player can share game schedule screen and other users canvote for their favorites team.
After vote buttons will be freeze.7.
Teams view/search, send request to team joining/member,search by Team Name, Game Name, City8.
Add new tab : How to use (Videos Links)9.
Users can add videos too in their gallery (max 30 sec pervideo)10.
Team creating or joining restriction for Player.
TeamInactive and Active option.
Partners can make multiple teams for one game butnot allowed to be member of other teams.11.
Notifications redirect to respective page.12.
Fix existing bugs.
You have to provide all source codes before final payment.
Need to integrate codes with existing one through team viewer excess.
Please reply : Are you able to manage all related work in Android, PHP APIs and web admin?
Tags: Website Design, Php


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