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halo mas, project yang saya ingin develop adalah dengan menggunakan python. web berbasis point of sale and ada data pengeluaran buat biaya karyawan dan biaya oengeluaran buat supplier. jadi semua nya terintegrasi mas, dan bisa import/export ke excel dan ada data grafik nya berdasarkan sale and expense . dan konek ke database pastinya.saya bisa lihat berdasarkan kategori2 berdasarkan supplier atau nama barang.rencana yang saya mau itu
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We Are Working On A Project To Manage Waste In India.This Is A Project With GOI

Waste Management. We are working on a project to manage waste in india. Where in we are installing reverse vending machine.This is a project with GOI and will continuously evolve.The user gets money for the trash deposited. It is IOT based system
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Python Secure Software >> School Project

This programming project is as the following:* Consists of 14 classesPerson Class StudentPerson Class PrimaryStudent Class IntermediateStudent Class SecondaryStudent Class UndergraduatcStudcnt Class PostgraduateStudent Class EmployeePerson Class ManagerEmloyee Class UnderlyingEmployee Class IdlePerson Class EducatedIdle Class IlliterateIdle Class Demo Class-------------------------------------------------------* Derive the requirements (functional, nonfunctional including security).* Create the design (Context, use cases, and DFDs). Perform threat modelling.* And Publish it asexefile >>> open in any win pc.--------------------------------------------------------* Construction: - The reading must be to / from a f‌ile - The entry…
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Python, Machine Learning Models, Web Scrapping

Working on a project to use social media data in predicting the price movement of capital markets (such as HPI, DOW Jones, etc). Need an expert who can build classifiers using SVM, K-NN, etc and machine learning models using the only python!It is a pilot project so the scope for future work is high.
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I Need A Python Developer For My College Project

The project is on Performance Evaluation of Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Image using DSF Filter. I need a Python code for the following and I will be providing paper for the reference
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Python Csv Values Replacement Program

I have a simple requirement in Python. I have 2 csv files - I need to take values from one csv file which matches a particular column in the other csv fileand the replace those values. Deadline is Sunday. Ping me for more details.
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Looking For 1 Hour Tutorial On Using Pycharm

I am looking for someone who use Pycharm for extensively for their programming needs, who can help me get started with best practices using it. I want learn it as quickly as possible. I would like to learn about the best features, shortcuts, best plugins etc.Please list all the topics you would cover within this tutorial. Thank you. I am paying total $5 for this session.
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Python Program In JES That Turns An Image Into A Sliding- Block Puzzle

Write a Python program in JES that turns an image into a sliding- block puzzle and allows the user to solve that puzzle.The assignment can be loosely broken into five tasks, although some of them will have subtasks:1. Crop the image to make it square.2. Draw lines on the image to form the 16 blocks.3. Implement block slides up, down, left, and right into the empty space.4. Keep track of where each block is.5. Allow user input to control the…
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Write An Application On OpenMTC Platform And Then Write Test On Elastest

There is an application which is written on OpenMTC platform and is purely in Python. My app has three parts sensor which is generating sensor data then logic part where I am creating the logic and then data is being pushed to the actuator. Finally we need to write tests on ElasTest which is also written in python. Like data is coming from all sensors. Every sensor is generating data. and so on...I already have the dummy of the project.…
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Looking For A Python Expert

I am looking for a python programmer to complete my assignment.Please check files uploaded on the following linkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/17OJ-8wTkidpeFUajHe_teKjY_4AtQskP/view?usp=sharingand bid only if you can complete the work within the given time.
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Automate Solitaire

Automate Desktop. Trying to automate solitaire game. Below is my requirements. 1. Take screenshots of Desktop which obviously have solitaire page opened. 2. Recognise the card using Python tensor flow. 3. Automate the clicks using python pyautogui or something similar
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Simple Python Script GET/POST Requests Only!

I need this done without any browser dependencies, which means all based on HTTP GET/POST requests.Example (recommended) is requests library described here https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/get-post-requests-using-python/The whole script has to be made in python, selenium or any other tools that open a browser are restricted.The GUI/browser example has the following steps, this demonstrates what has to be done with requests:Open uphttps://www.twitch.tv/Click Log inGet username and password from .json file and enter themclick loginsolve captchaclick continueclick the crown icon (or search this in URL:https://www.twitch.tv/prime?ref_=SM_CM_RUNE19_MIC)find…
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Require Expert In Data Scraping From Job Portal.

I am looking for good experiencedBeautiful SoupPython library developer for scraping data from Job portal for any specific category required from portal with time frame selection filter.
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Create A Program To Convert A File Into JSON Using Python

I have compressed file(data base table extract)as input and this needs to decompressed (a python library API is available in the link) and converted into JSON file using Python. Expect a utility to be built for this purpose.Please check the links below and ONLY if you are comfortable handling this, I will offer this work to you.https://github.com/SecureAuthCorp/pysap/tree/master/pysapcompresshttps://www.coresecurity.com/system/files/publications/2016/06/SAPCarTalk-Slides.pdfplease see the attached input archive file and output text file(in csv format, json is preferred)Please do not bid, if you did not read…
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Need To Do A Mini Project On Python

hiineed to do a mini project on pythonWeather Data LibraryYou should develop a library (similar toyahoo_finance), that allows other developers to retrieve weather data aboutspecific location in our world.When something goes wrong, an exception should be raised in order toallow the other developer that chose to use your library to get moreinformation and handle the exception properly.You can use the free web services athttps://openweathermap.org.Phase #1Define the new exception class specifically for this project. Make sureto allow new objects instantiated from…
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To Compare Two Netlists Any Circuit Equivalency With The Help Of Bdd

It is a university project about checking two netlist are they equivalent or not. If they are equivalent then print ok , if not then not ok. I will provide a manual( in which everything is explained about bdd( binary decision diagram) and a sample running programme , so you can modify in that in your own manner. I have only 3 days to submit it.
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