A Virtual Assistant To Transcribe Interviews And YouTube Videos - Fresh Talent Welcome

This is a detailed job description.
We wish to help the bidder understand the work clearly.
We have been doing this ourselves and wish to save time and we are sure that talent exists that can improve the work.:: BRIEF OF JOB ::Looking for an intelligent person, preferably from India to transcript interview audio to text and creation of closed captions for my youtube channel videos.
We expect that the right person will be able to do this work with little effort.:: The job involves ::1)Transcription of MP3 files to text.
These are interviews collected from members of the construction industry as part of the research.
The interviews are expected to be between 10 mins to 30 mins.
Words of the respondents in the interviews will have to be intelligently categorised into TWENTY FIVE categories (Categories will be shared later), based on appropriateness.
There is a probability of Hindi words to be interposed.
Knowledge of Hindi will be an added advantage.2) Creation of Closed Caption for YouTube Videos: YouTube videos are from classroom lectures.
Closed Caption (CC) files using any open source tools are acceptable appropriate for YouTube should be generated.
Each lecture is between 25mins to 40mins.
The videos are on my YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/c/JSPtube3) Digitizing handwritten notes. (Not more than 10 one side A5 sheets a month)It is expected that about 20 mins of interview or 30mins of YouTube video will be processed every day by the candidate.:: Expected number of files to be transcribed ::A total of 25 hours of video to be done per month (either creation of transcript or Closed caption)The delivery schedule can be discussed and can be a little flexible.
Candidates from India are desirable, however, we are open to hiring from other locations also.
By our calculation, the right person should require to spend 10 workday equivalent for this project.
If the number of hours of video that is given in a month is lesser, the amount decided will remain firm.
It is expected to be an ongoing project.
Performance of the participant will be reviewed in the first month and subsequently, work will be assigned in THREE-month contracts.
A fixed price for the month fixed by the individual is required.
Please submit testimonials and a brief of what can be expected from you if you are hired for the job.
If you are exploring opportunities in interview transcription work, a brief on the target that you are setting for yourself in terms of quality of delivery and turn around time is expected.
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