A 3d Model, 2d Draw, Expanded Views Of Each Piece, Open Archieves For CNC In Dxf.

We need those things:-3d model;-2d draw;-Expanded views of each piece;-Open archieves for CNC in dxf.
We need the 2d cut board for CNC.
We must use a 3mm woodboard.
We need this model of a Da Vinci's machine, with all the components working and the scale can be similiar of those ones below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWbtIUAqlQghttps://www.thumbsupuk.com/product_detail.php?product-url=Da_Vinci_CatapultYou can feel free to style and design.
Tags: 3d Modelling, Cad


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