Technical Report Writing For Forensic Inspections

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I am a Certified Wood Flooring Inspector who specializes in wood flooring failures. I have been doing this for over 19 years. Each inspection starts off with myself going to the job site, taking photos, notes, testing of the floor and analysis. After doing research into the possible causes I come up with my finding and at that point, I prepare an NWFA ( National Wood Flooring Association) Report. Although I have a digital library of literally thousands of reports on every conceivable issue for wood flooring failures, each report needs to be customized and is individually prepared. I enjoying doing the physical site visit, speaking with the client and figuring out what caused the failure. What my least favorite part is editing the template and writing the report? I simply would prefer to have someone else do that for me. The reports could be used in future litigation and hence should be written in a technical and legal form, they are not legal pleadings etc, however, they need to be professionally written and edited. We have a small team already in place but I would like the writer to learn this system and we are looking for long term work relationship. As I indicated above I have been doing these inspections for 19 years so this gig could be a consistent source of work for a long time. Therefore I would like the person we hire to be willing to educate themselves initially on their own time partially so they can produce quality work for us and hence build a long term mutually beneficial replationship. This can be done at the during the preparation of the first few dozen reports that need to be written. If you would like to see our website to see more about our company, visit Jeff Meltzer
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