4 Small Visual C ++ Programs

We startedin Visual C ++ 2019 (Microsoft Visual Studio) and need help with all thegraphics and reading / writing for various files (txt, cvs, xls) we do all themath ourselves, we have created different parts of the program but they doesnot fit together (rebuild).
It is 4small programs with one user screen.
It should be simple programming1) first read the file and save itagain, we will do all the math we just need to know where to put it.2) Graphically we need to draw somelines and they should be saved as pdf.
It will be done over several times,so we will probably send the program back and forth several times as we havenot locked in on the final result.
There are no deadlines.
We will onlyuse the program internally, I can send copies of what we want, but we wouldlike to have an hourly rate on a VC ++ programmer before we move on.
If there are any questions, please contact the undersigned on mobile 0045 21242215 or by mail: [removed]
Tags: Windows, Vc++


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