$200 Web Design & Development -- 2

20 Pages Membership Website.
Create using PHP, MySQL.
No wordpress.
Plugins includes as Paypal, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Youtube.
SEO is a must!20 pages + back end + front end.
Automatic content upload + Sign-Up Plug-In which includes:Admin does NOT have to approve each new member BUT allows a site administrator to approve/disapprove a userability to use system at anytime.
Restrict New Users by Domain this means, Whitelist or Blacklist email domains used for new user registration.
In addition to any website visitor registering on website, please allow for Invitation Based Registrations where we can send out specific invitation to someone inviting them to become a Member. email invitation.
Multiple invite, custom Email Template.365 days email and text Membership Notification.
Allow section for administration to enter notes re: work done for Member.
Welcome Newsletter automatically sent outAllows the admin of the site to approve or deny users manuallyEasily create and manage sign-up sheets for volunteer activities, while protecting the privacyHow fast could you finish this project? I want to make sure you are not too busy.
Please reply asap.
Tags: Wordpress, Prestashop


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