200 MCQ Questions On Natural Disaster - Landslide, Tsunami, Floods & The Like - Graduates Preferred

1 MOST IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONSInterested bidders are to go through the entire job description before placing the bid.
There is a set of conditions that have to be agreed to by copy-pasting the same and making the required changes.
This will be the basis for shortlisting. If this information is not available, your proposal will not be considered.
Please feel free to ask any question on things not covered in this Job Description.
Questions that are vague, indicating Job description has not been read will be removed.
BID CLOSE TIME : 04:00 PM, 12 JAN 2019 (If the position is filled, the bid process will be stopped)ANNOUNCING RESULTS: Results will be announced before 10:30 PM, 12 JAN 2019Budget : Rs 100.00 (maximum) for 200 questionsFor my class, I need MCQ's created from the classroom lectures.
Interested bidders need to watch the classroom videos (20 - 30 mins each) on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/JSPtube. (The videos are being compiled )1) The MCQs should be based on the lectures. 2) They should be framed so that they will have the timestamped link relevant to the context is available in the feedback/explanation for that questionQuestion Types:1) 15 % True or False2) 25% questions shall have only one answer3) 45% of the questions shall have more than one answer correct. 4) 15% of the questions shall be of the match the following This mix shall be followed for the topics1) Earthquakes2) Landslides3) Oceanic, Atmospheric and Hydrological cyclesSyllabus coverage :The questions shall cover the following aspects1) EarthquakesNatural Disasters -Principles, Elements, and Systems - Geological- Geomorphological, aspects, - Earthquake-Geology, Seismology, Characteristics and dimensions2) LandslidesHuman impact on the mountainous terrain and its relationship with Rainfall, liquefaction etc- Tsunami - Nature and characteristics - Monitoring landslides- Landslide Early Warning System3) Oceanic, Atmospheric and Hydrological cyclesSevere Weather & Tornadoes, Cyclones, Floods and Droughts - Global Patterns - - Mitigation & Preparation – Drought – Famine- nature and dimensions – Drought Assessment and Monitoring.
Expectation :1) The questions should encourage thinking 2) Answers for the same should not appear when a Google Search is made3) Embed an image whenever possible by using a lower size file.
Preview questions that have images to ensure that they are working as desired.
Delivery Mechanism:The questions shall be under three broad categories:1) Earthquakes (80 Questions in all)2) Landslides (50 Questions in all)3) Oceanic, Atmospheric and Hydrological cycles (70 Questions in all)Each of the above topics will have sub-categories of 1) True or False2) MCQ questions that have only one answer3) MCQ questions have more than one answer correct.
This is classified as 'All or Nothing' question.4) Match the following questions with four subdivision and Five or Six options of which only four are correct.
The questions shall be uploaded in a Moodle Server.
Credentials for the same will be shared.
Moodle provides for all the above question types and can be readily understood by a tech-savvy person.
Delivery Schedule and Payment terms:1) The First set of Questions should be delivered by 14th Jan 2019 - Relevant videos will be uploaded on 13-Jan-20192) The Second Set of Questions by 15th Jan 2019 - Relevant videos will be uploaded on 14-Jan-20193) The Third Set of Questions shall be delivered by 16th Jan 2019 by 5:30 PM IST. - Relevant videos will be uploaded on or before 15-Jan-2019The contractor will be indemnified from penalty if the delay is there in the upload of video.
In any case, the deliverable shall be put off by the number of days there is a delay in the upload.
If there is a delay and in spite of it the contractor manages to upload it by the mentioned deadline, a bonus of up to 15% of the bid amount will be made to the bidder.
All the questions can be delivered in one shot on the said days and 100% of bid amount will be immediately released.
Alternatively, 50 % of above-said work can be done as the first stage on the above-mentioned date.
The second set of deliverables can be delayed by a maximum of TWO weeks. 35% of the bid amount will be released in such a casePenalty :Delays in the submission are not acceptable.
If the videos are available and the contractor delays the delivery, the entire Bid amount could be forfeited.
Another party is checking for:a) ability to find the answer just by copy-pasting the textb) Spellings and grammar mistakes.c) Conceptually wrong questionsd) Non linking the questions to the YouTube videos or wrong linkageThey are being paid based on the number of mistakes spotted.
This is ranging between 5% to 25% of the likely bid by the successful bidder.
In an effort to maintain quality, this clause is included and will be invoked, much against our desire.
Copyright to Questions and Confidentiality:All of the material which is submitted becomes property of JSP and his family.
The questions should not be distributed either in print, soft copies or otherwise.
Preference:1) Graduates who have had college teaching experience2) TrueLancer Project Coordinator recommended people will be given higher preference.
Please keep your mobile and WhatsApp on to enable him to connect with you.
Summary of Points to be agreed by bidder:1) I have understood the three broad subject divisions in which questions are required.2) I have the skill to produce unplagiarized questions3) I will give the deliverables in One / Two parts as required4) My bid of INR ______ is all-inclusive.
If I am eligible for the bonus clause, the person hiring will do so with no intervention from my side.
I agree to the penalty and bonus clause mentioned.5) I will give the questions in Moodle and the mix of questions will be present.6) Required reference to the YouTube videos will be given.
Absence of it could be invoking the Penalty Clause.6) The questions will not be shared with any other agency in print, written or any known or future physical or digital media7) If selected, I will add value to the process by _____ (Optional step)SELECTION PROCESS :BID CLOSE TIME : 04:00 PM, 12 JAN 2019 (If the position is filled, the bid process will be stopped)ANNOUNCING RESULTS: Results will be announced before 10:30 PM, 12 JAN 20191) Read the Job Description thoroughly.
If specific portion lacks clarity, specific questions should be asked.eg) In section X.
XX, it is mentioned that xxxxxxx.
We understand that it means yyyyyy.
Is our understanding correct? Vague statements like 'I don't understand'2) After familiarizing oneself with the job, type or paste the 'Summary of points to be agreed by bidder' 3) Candidates who give the undertaking will be shortlisted. 4) Shortlisted candidates shall share a brief write up details about themselves.
It will be good to highlight the ways the candidates and his team do to do something new or different.4) Members recommended by TrueLancer will be shown preference.
In our experience, candidates can impress their hiring manager and move from 'just another candidate' to a preferred candidate.
We hope that all our bidders are able to enhance their image with their profile managers.5) Contractors who are willing to work longer duration will be prefered over one-off candidates.
Rating, feedback and recommendations will be given only after the candidate works with us for the time indicated in the offer. 6) Candidates shall be available for a video interview before the final interview using the Video chat system of True Lance.7) Successful bidder from the shortlisted candidates will be selected.
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